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Kaizen Collective was formed with a singular mission: to help fitness businesses prosper and flourish.

Any fitness business owner dreams of scaling so they can achieve the life and freedom they want. But the truth is that many gym owners struggle to keep up with the demands of their business.Before starting Kaizen Collective together, our founders Mario and Brando identified a glaring oversight in the gym industry’s growth paradigms.

Their combined expertise showcased that while many gym owners possessed a burning passion and the technical prowess needed to coach people, they had a hard time understanding the complex interplay of systems, staff dynamics, and organisational mindset – things that can make or break a business.

In other words, many gym owners are great at helping people achieve their fitness goals… but lack the tools and training to become full-fledged CEOs. This inspired us to build Kaizen Collective and help gym owners bridge the gap between being a fitness coach and an entrepreneur.

Through our deep understanding of the fitness sector’s ins and outs, we aim to help fitness business owners achieve more money, meaning, and freedom in their lives.








We named ourselves after this principle to reflect our commitment to ongoing learning, growth, and development. We always strive for better, both in our work with clients and our own operations.


We believe that the best results always come from the power of good teamwork. We work closely with our clients and each other to reach shared goals and achieve mutual success.


Clear, open, and honest communication forms the foundation of our relationships with clients and team members. We believe in sharing knowledge and keeping lines of communication open.


We strive to build meaningful connections with our clients. We see ourselves as more than just a service provider; we are partners in our clients' success.


We believe that good knowledge and action go hand in hand in order to achieve success. We are dedicated to not only educating our clients but also guiding them in the practical application of what they learn.



Team kaizen


Get to know the visionary minds behind Kaizen Collective.

Brando Hasick

Brando Hasick is a fitness coach and gym owner who runs the highly acclaimed Body By Brando, which owns four gyms in the Sydney area. His businesses generate $3 million in revenue annually, a testament to the efficacy of the strategies he employs.

Brando’s hands-on approach ensures that the strategies taught by Kaizen Collective are not just theories but tried and tested methods that work in the real world. His daily involvement in his businesses keeps his knowledge and skills razor-sharp, allowing him to share up-to-date, practical insights with our clients.

Mario Paguio

Mario Paguio started his journey in the hospitality industry, managing 11 stores that generated $2-3 million a year in sales. Later, he worked with Australian franchises, where he successfully launched over 50 locations as a Franchise Manager and Technology Manager.

Over the last seven years, Mario has dedicated his skills and knowledge to coaching hundreds of business owners and business gurus. His extensive knowledge of powerful marketing, sales, and operational systems, combined with a deep understanding of behavioural psychology, allow him to help businesses grow and scale by improving their systems and teaching strategies. His approach focuses on the implementation of effective strategies that deliver tangible results.




Our Business Transformation Program is designed to cover all the essentials of running a well-oiled, highly profitable fitness business today, as well as provide staff and system support to ensure that every key component of the business is in top form.

The program provides fitness business owners with a series of modules that are easy to follow, actionable and adaptive to both current and future challenges. It deep-dives into the technical elements of systemising a fitness business, as well as the psychological aspects that allows gym owners to build and empower a team that can run their operations and keep providing value to their clients.

In line with our core values, we also offer hands-on staff training, technical support, and open communication with our clients so we can keep every cog in their business fine-tuned and optimized to ensure our clients’ success.